Cairobserver — Lessons from elsewhere: Ahmedabad

Lessons from elsewhere: Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad’s Rapid Bus System has won international acclaim and already after the first phase opened to the public the system has won the 2010 Sustainable Transport Award (international).

Essam Sharaf (briefly a transport minister in the past) could have taken the opportunity of being the country’s PM to promote public transit projects and bring the issue into focus. The topic has hardly been presented in the press, media, government plans, politicians’ speeches or in any other public arena, as if transport in Cairo is not an urgent matter.

Ahmedabad’s BRT system is being studied by other Asian cities as a prototype that could be transplanted elsewhere. For Cairo, a rapid bus system would help the city’s traffic problems immensely and it is badly needed along the city’s main roads: the ring road, Mehwar, and also crosstown routes such as Salah Salem. Read more about the system here.

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