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Second Print Edition of Cairobserver


You can view the issue online, here.

To download the pdf of the issue, click here.

On January 6 and 7 Cairobserver launched a new print edition of the blog at two events: a talk hosted by Megawra followed by a launch party at Nile Sunset Annex. The second issue of Cairobserver in print consists of 44 pages in addition to two color inserts (a printed CUIP map and a Cairo metro map, below, given a fresher look by designer Valerie Arif especially for Cairobserver). Content includes 12 articles by invited contributors, 4 articles contributed by Tadamun (Initiative for Urban Solidarity) based on their research and study of Cairo’s urban policies, a section dedicated to the city of Alexandria with 2 articles, 2 articles by CLUSTER (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research) based on their research and projects, a guide for civic tourism aimed at Egyptian readers, 2 student graduation projects and finally a section which includes profiles of 12 initiatives in Cairo that aim to improve the city. Some of the content from the issue is posted on the blog under the tag #Print_issue_2.

With the exception of the editorial essay (in Arabic and English), all content of the print is in Arabic.



[The launch event on January 7 at Nile Sunset Annex]

The publication was made possible by a crowdfunding campaign which raised %100 of the needed money for design, printing as well as language editing. The issue was distributed free of charge. For coverage of the issue see the review by Ahram Online, here.

Cairobserver is looking to begin working on a new edition of the print magazine in order to sustain the conversation on Cairo’s architecture, urbanism and culture. While the first issue, was funded by a grant from the British Council and the second was funded by crowdfunding, in order to create a third issue funds are needed. Both initial issues allowed for experimentation and for growth and they were well-received. I consider the success of the crowdfunding campaign as testament to the demand for the magazine and to the success of the blog online and in print. Moving forward I look to develop the magazine into a sustainable publication. Interested publishers, funders or anyone looking to support the project please contact Cairobserver [at] gmail [dot] com


[The launch event on January 6 at Megawra]


To download a hi-resolution image/pdf of the metro map, click here.

*All photos of the launch events are by Ahmaddin Kelesh

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