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Resident Perspective: Madinet Nasr

Resident Perspective is a series of standardized interviews with Cairo residents to get their views on the city and their neighborhoods.


Where in Cairo do you live?
I live in Nasr-City since 1990. A district of perpendicular grid of streets that has transformed in the past 20 years from a deserted district to a high dense district.

List the most positive and the most negative aspects of living there.
The most positive aspect of living here is the availability of most services including medical, education, retail.

The most negative aspects are: traffic during day & night, lack of parking spaces, lack of sidewalks, the lack of a subway station, presence of parks that are not efficiently used by inhabitants probably due to the fact that they are fenced and requires entry fees.

How do you move around Cairo (modes of transport) and what would you like to see different regarding the future of transport in the city?
I move around using a car or a taxi. I would like to have the tram back (the tram lines are still in place in Mustafa el-Nahas st.), and also would like to have a subway station.

How does your district fit within Cairo? What would you like to see changed in that relationship between your neighborhood and the city?
It is accessible and well connected through various axes such as the autostrad, the Ring Road, the NA road, Cairo-Suez road, 6th of October bridge.

What are your top complaints about Cairo and what would you suggest to solve those problems?

1- Lack of humanly public transport .. Solving this issue requires governmental policies & budgeting providing more and more buses.

2- Terrible traffic all day long .. i suggest introducing back the Intersections instead of u-turns with traffic automated 60 seconds Signs instead of traffic officers, providing more parking areas & the most important in my opinion: introducing the one-way concept to all side narrow streets as in Heliopolis.

3- The lack of convenient sidewalks which makes walking in the street an uncomfortable experience.

What do you like the most about Cairo and what are your favorite places in the city.

1- The diversity of Cairo; within few kilos you can find almost all different types of lifestyle. 2- The potentials of Cairo; river front, historical heritage, fertile and a desert all in one city. Favorite Places: Azhar park - Nile front & Nile cruise restaurants & lately “Qursaya” island.

Do you relate to the historic heritage of your district or of Cairo in general? Do you think you have a good sense of history of the city? Would you say you are have “civic pride” or are proud to live in Cairo?

I do relate to the historic heritage of Cairo.. I wouldn’t say i am proud to live in Cairo.. I just love to live here..

Do you understand how the city is governed/managed? Do you think your community/district would be better or worst if residents from the community/district were involved in local government (محليات)?

Not until the previous parliament elections. Some inhabitants of Nasr-City have started events and initiatives that might be primitive but still a good start .. Also these initiatives have introduced the Child’s Park in Makram Ebeid as a public space for inhabitants .. The involvement of residents in the decision making process would be better for they know well their own complaints and demands ..

In the context of Cairo, what comes to mind when you think of these keywords?

Green Space/Parks: Azhar Park, Qursaya Island.

Gated communities: Ruthless who would pay millions to get isolated from lower classes.

Museums School trips.

Informal areas: Beautiful, full of potentials.

Downtown: Tourists, affordable hotels.

If you could move to another district in Cairo where would you move to?
Probably to Zamalek or Maadi. A Nile front apartment would be lovely.

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