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September 23, 2012- Al Shorouq: الميدان لمن؟

September 23, 2012- Ahram Online: Egypt agrees 940m euro loans for Cairo metro’s 3rd phase

September 22, 2012- Al-Akhbar: متحف كامل على سور الجامعة

September 21, 2012- Egypt Independent: NGOs and activists protest to save the architecture of Port Said

September 20, 2012- Al Shorouq: مقترح مواد الدستور ل”النظام المحلي الجديد”ـ

September 16, 2012- Al Shorouq: من “القاهرة باريس على النيل” إلى “القاهرة 2050”

September 16, 2012- Al Masry Al Youm: رئيس الوزراء يطرح خطة لتطوير “التحرير” و إستكمال إزالة الإشغالات

September 15, 2012- Ahram: نقابة المهندسين تسلم نيابة الاموال العامة ملف فساد النقابة في عهد “حراسة مبارك”ـ

August 30, 2012- Ahram Online: Egypt population reaches 91 million

August 26, 2012- Ahram Online: Egypt’s Istabl Anter rescued

August 24, 2012- Al Masry Al Youm: قرار بوضع حواجز حول الاهرامات لمنع تسلق احجارها

August 17, 2012- Aljazeera: Electricity and intrigue in Egypt

August 16, 2012- Aljazeera: Traffic chaos blights Egypt’s capital

August 15, 2012- Al Shorouq: يجري الآن على نيل القاهرة

August 14, 2012- Ahram Online: Campaign launched for rights of Egyptians struggling in shanty towns

August 14, 2012- Egypt Independent: Zabaleen sidelined by Morsy’s “clean homeland” campaign

August 14, 2012- Al Dostour: التحالف الشعبي الاشتراكي يطلق حملة “احياء بالاسم فقط”ـ

August 12, 2012- Ahram Online: Archaeologist: Early Egyptian Islamic site, Istabl Antar, in dire danger

August 12, 2012- Egypt Independent: A tale of towers and shacks

August 6, 2012- Al Shorouq: العشة و البرج و البلطجي

August 6, 2012- Jadaliyya: Urbanism and the Arab uprisings: downtown Cairo and the fall of Mubarak

August 4, 2012- Al Shorouq: اخر ايام السكان الاصليين في رملة بولاق

July 30, 2012- Egypt Independent: New local administrative law promises to solve some problems, but not all

July 29, 2012- Egypt Independent: Ain Helwan’s theraputic waters are squandered and neglected

July 29, 2012- Al Masry Al Youm: آهالي عزبة خير الله يروون تفاصيل استيلاء البلطجية على ارض الاثار

July 23, 2012- Egypt Independent: Searching for water: residents of Giza district protest unstable supply

July 12, 2012- Places@Design Observer: Revolution of the thirsty

July 5, 2012- Egypt Independent: Cairo’s central slum under threat

June 21, 2012- Al Masry Al Youm: Giza’s development plan for the Pyramids area revealed (عربي)

June 7, 2012- CNN: For Egypt’s trapped and teeming, revlution has barely begun

June 4, 2012- Egypt Independent: Transport Hackathon gather experts to solve Cairo congestion

May 20, 2012- The National: A towering reminder of Egypt’s corrupt decades

May 19, 2012- Al Shorouq: Experts say presidential candidates fail to understand housing problems, offer naive solutions (عربي)

May 9, 2012- Al-Ahram: The city that just growed

May 9, 2012- Egypt Independent: Independent heritage initiatives: a first step to linking communities to their own histories.

April 30, 2012- Egypt Independent: Experts confront visions and realities of a greener Cairo

April 29, 2012- Al Ahram: The future of Baron Palace (عربي)

April 29, 2012- Egypt Independent: Demolition of disused Alexandria Greek Club highlights larger problems

February 27, 2012- Al Shorouq: The people demand respectable means of transport (عربي)

February 27, 2012- Egypt Independent: 264 construction firms bid to build 1 million apartment units in 5 years

February 19, 2012- Daily News Egypt: Egypt’s real estate sector back in the spotlight

February 2, 2012- Ahram Online: Egypt to sell land to citizens abroad to get cash

January 22, 2012- Al Youm 7: Maspero Redevelopment plan will be implemented (عربي)

January 21, 2012- Al Masry Al Youm: Search committee finds precious artifacts in Abdeen Palace (عربي)

January 17, 2012- Egypt Independent: The ‘new look’ of Cairo train station

January 15, 2012- Ahram Online: Rights groups in Egypt file suit to reopen military-blocked downtown streets

January 9, 2012- Ahram Online: Grand Egyptian Museum construction work to resume next week

January 8, 2012- Ahram: Survey of Bulaq and Maspero triangle ahead of redevelopment plan (عربي)

January 5, 2012- Al Masry Al Youm: Army organizes competition for revolution memorial in Tahrir Square (عربي)

January 2, 20112- Egypt Independent: Government allocates LE175 million for development of slums

December 24, 2011- Al Wafd: 17 Imbaba apartment houses collapse (عربي)

December 18, 2011- Al Shorouq: Cairo to remove part of historic cemeteries to make way for road (عربي)

November 12, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: Housing Ministry says 125,000 jobs in land development over five years (عربي)

November 9, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: Misr Bank requires buyers in Mubarak’s social housing project to pay in full (عربي)

November 8, 2011- Al Shorouq: Government survey lists “informal” areas in Cairo Governorate (عربي)

November 7, 2011- Al Akhbar: Four major projects to reduce Cairo traffic at a total cost of LE2.2 Billion (عربي)

October 23, 2011- Al Shorouk: LE2.3 Billion contract to Turkish company to rebuilt Cairo Airport’s terminal 2 (عربي)

October 22, 2011- Al Youm 7: New organization requests cancellation of rent control laws (عربي)

October 22, 2011- Ahram: PM Opens Cairo’s train station following “renovations” (عربي)

October 19, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: Housing ministry allocates additional land for housing in satellite cities (عربي)

October 18, 2011- Al Jazeera: Egypt’s government: designed for dictatorship

October 17, 2011- Egypt Independent: Expert makes case for engaging residents in urban planning

October 9, 2011- Al Wafd: After Revolution, residents flee “Satellite Cities” (عربي)

September 27, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: First post revolution competition for a new city (عربي)

September 27, 2011- Egypt Independent: Egypt’s OCI to develop Palm Hills property project

September 25, 2011- Egypt Independent: Tower angers Zamalek residents, experts and officials

September 25, 2011- Egypt Independent: Restored Moez Street needs rescuing again

September 23, 2011- Egypt Independent: Reuniting Cairo and its residence through a better use of public space

September 19, 2011- Egypt Independent: Trash piles up, burning spreads as waste management is neglected

September 17, 2011- Ahram Online: On Cairo’s urban space wars

September 16, 2011- Al Youm 7: SCAF to enforce “Ghali’s” Real Estate Tax Law starting 2012 (عربي)

September 11, 2011- Egypt Independent: Minimalist urban planning keeps Cairo afloat, but not without drawbacks

September 10, 2011- Ahram Online: Street Smart: Cairo 2050, Guilty by design or association?

September 8, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: Cairo to get 100,000 apartment units in 5-year plan(عربي)

September 8, 2011- Al Shorouq: Governor gives trash collection companies 72 hours to clean the city or face consequences (عربي)

September 7, 2011- Al Shorouq: International Competition to redesign Tahrir Square (عربي)

September 7, 2011- Al Shorouq: disbanding local governments (municipalities) (عربي)

September 6, 2011- Al Shorouq: Opinion Poll of residents who risk relocation according to Cairo2050 plan (عربي)

September 6, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: Baron Palace at Risk of Collapse, says expert (عربي)

August 30, 2011- Al Shorouq: Cairo 2050 (revived) and in final planning phase before public announcement! (عربي)

August 28, 2011- Ahram Online: Chaos in the Caliph’s Quarters: Al-Muiz Street in danger

August 26, 2011- Tahrir News: local governments first! (عربي)

August 26, 2011- Tahrir News: Housing Ministry architect arrested (عربي)

August 25, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: Housing Ministry will publicize Cairo 2050 plan within two months (عربي)

August 25, 2011- Al Ahram: An Everlasting Gem

August 25, 2011- Tahrir News: Phase one of the third metro line nears completion (عربي)

August 25, 2011- Egypt Independent: Peri-urban Cairo provides growth but lacks recognition

August 24, 2011- The Daily News Egypt: Forced Evictions disregard Human Rights

August 11, 2011- Al Masry Al Youm: Community approach to rehabilitation of historic district

August 7, 2011- Al Dostor: Cairo Governor in Tahrir Square after it was emptied by force (عربي)

August 4, 2011- Egypt Independent: Cairo’s desert cities fail to contain growing population.

August 1, 2011- Egypt Independent: What ever happened to Cairo 2050?

July 22, 2011- Egypt Independent: Cairo’s over-congestion vexes urban planners.

July 11, 2011- Egypt Independent: Building Egypt but How?

June 16, 2011- Egypt Independent: New infrastructure projects to reduce traffic in Cairo and Giza.

June 11, 2011- The Guardian: Desert Storm: Vast building sites on the outskirt of Cairo are a legacy of Mubarak’s corrupt regime. What will happen to these satellite towns now? Jack Shenker pays a visit

June 9, 2011- Egypt Independent: A glimpse into the future of Cairo’s development: Westown and Eastown

June 1, 2011- Egypt Independent: A New Beginning for Egyptian Tourism

May 2, 2011- Egypt Independent: Saving Cairo Station

April 21, 2011- Egypt Independent: Remaking Cairo from Below

March 9, 2011- Architect’s Newspaper: Tahrir Square, A Collection of Fragments

March 1, 2011- Ahram Online: Cairo gated community Palm Hills found illegal

February 27, 2011- Places@Design Observer: Tahrir Square: Social Media, Public Space and Revolution in Egypt

February 5, 2011- NPR: Egypt’s Center becomes a Mini City

January 20, 2011- The Daily News Egypt: Decision to remove billboards in downtown Cairo irks ad agencies.

October 19, 2010- BBC: Cairo’s architecture gems left to crumble.

August 24, 2010- New York Times: To catch Cairo overflow, 2 megacities rise in sand

August 17, 2010- Egypt Independent: The Saft al-Laban Corridor: A solution of Cairo’s acute traffic congestion?

July 17, 2010- The National: Redevelopment of Cairo aims to trade chaos for elegance

June 8, 2010- Ahram: Disappearing Villas (عربي)

May 17, 2010- Egypt Independent: Downtown reborn? The Ismaelia consortium’s vision for urban regeneration

May 15, 2010- Rosa AlYousef: Complete plan to overcome traffic congestion in greater Cairo

May 12, 2010- Egypt Independent: Imagining Downtown differently: The Ismaelia consortium’s urban regeneration project

May 8, 2010- Egypt Independent: Harmonizing Dissonance: Restoration and Renewal in Downtown Cairo

January 11, 2010- Egypt Independent: Cairo’s Metro Line 4 given environmental green light

December 14, 2009- Egypt Independent: The curious case of a Cairo synagogue

October 27, 2009- World Architecture News: Ramses Square to be transformed by French-Egyptian Design.

June 10, 2009- World Architecture News: Cairo Expo City awarded to Zaha Hadid Architects.

July 2, 2008- Reuters: Cairo’s gated compounds show rich-poor gulf

June 28, 2007- Al Ahram: Cairo’s solutions lie outside

April 19, 2007- Al Ahram: A street like no other

January 13, 2005- Al Ahram: To Salvage a City

January 13, 2005- Al Ahram: River under Threat

May 9-15, 2002- Al Ahram Weekly: End of the line?

May 24, 2001- Al Ahram: Heart of the Matter.